Najdroższe frazy i słowa kluczowe w Google Adwords

Wordstream przygotował infografikę z listą najdroższych fraz w AdWords:

Najdroższe frazy w Google Adwords

  • Insurance (hasła np.: „buy car insurance online” and „auto insurance price quotes”)
  • Loans (hasła np.: „consolidate graduate student loans” and „cheapest homeowner loans”)
  • Mortgage (hasła np.: „refinanced second mortgages” and „remortgage with bad credit”)
  • Attorney (hasła np.: „personal injury attorney” and „dui defense attorney”)
  • Credit (hasła np.: „home equity line of credit” and „bad credit home buyer”)
  • Lawyer (hasła np.:”personal injury lawyer,” „criminal defense lawyer)
  • Donate (hasła np.:”car donation centers,” „donating a used car”)
  • Degree (hasła np.:”criminal justice degrees online,” „psychology bachelors degree online”)
  • Hosting (hasła np.:”hosting ms exchange,” „managed web hosting solution”)
  • Claim (hasła np.:”personal injury claim,” „accident claims no win no fee”)
  • Conference Call (hasła np.:”best conference call service,” „conference calls toll free”)
  • Trading (hasła np.:”cheap online trading,” „stock trades online”)
  • Software (hasła np.:”crm software programs,” „help desk software cheap”)
  • Recovery (hasła np.:”raid server data recovery,” „hard drive recovery laptop”)
  • Transfer (hasła np.:”zero apr balance transfer,” „credit card balance transfer zero interest”)
  • Gas/Electricity (hasła np.:”business electricity price comparison,” „switch gas and electricity suppliers”)
  • Classes (hasła np.:”criminal justice online classes,” „online classes business administration”)
  • Rehab (hasła np.:”alcohol rehab centers,” „crack rehab centers”)
  • Treatment (hasła np.:”mesothelioma treatment options,” „drug treatment centers”)
  • Cord Blood (hasła np.:”cordblood bank,” „store umbilical cord blood”)